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Farm Project to give youngsters a taste of the country

by Paul Hodgkinson on 17 June, 2012

A Churn Valley project, based out of Woodmancote, has been given the thumbs up by Cotswold District Council.

Paul (left) with Dan and Emma Costley-White plus pigs!

A small pot of money has been made available to each CDC councillor to spend on local youth projects.

Cllr Paul Hodgkinson has already chosen projects which the funding will go to in the Churn Valley, “Ollie Wakefield has been running a fitness class which we featured previously and that’s been up and running since the start of the year. Now, Emma Costley-White’s Scrubditch Care Farm Project will be getting some support too.”

“Emma is trialling two weeks of  ‘Activity Days’ for young people over the summer. For the weeks starting 23 and 30 July, those under 17 can book a date to look after the animals on the farm, go on a nature safari and make some live art sculpture amongst other things.”

For full details contact Emma at

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