Allowances published to help transparency

For the third year running, Liberal Democrat councillors on Cotswold District Council have volunteered to make their pay public as part of a movement to restore faith in politicians following outrage over the MPs expenses and phone hacking rows.

Group leader Cllr Paul Hodgkinson ordered the initiative to display the Lib Dems’ commitment to open democracy and local accountability:

“The actions of some politicians at all levels tainted the public’s view and that is not fair on the decent people who work hard to help their communities.”

Cllr Hodgkinson (Churn Valley) added: “There should be nothing hidden at all. That’s why we’re publishing again on our website every penny each of the Lib Dem councillors has received from the taxpayer for their work in the community in the last year.”

The move lists each councillor’s allowance and travel expenses over the last council year. Cllr Hodgkinson hopes the initiative will encourage more openness at local level.

“We believe in open democracy with the public having access to everything they can. I presented a Motion to the Council two years ago calling for all councillors to have their allowances published openly. That motion was approved but sadly I can see nothing on the Council’s website to reflect that – I hope that CDC will follow our lead. So far, we are the only councillors in Gloucestershire who have been willing to publish their pay on-line.”

“People want transparency through all aspects of local government.”

The full breakdown of Lib Dem councillors’ expenses can be seen at our website

Councillor Hodgkinson’s allowances for the year 2011/12 were as follows:

Councillor’s Allowance plus Allowance for Leader of the Lib Dem Group £5771.51
Allowance for use of own computer for council work £300
Pay Arrears from 2010/11 £80.65

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