Bourton road crossing gets moving!

A call for a safer road crossing in Bourton on the Water is now coming to fruition.

Paul Hodgkinson and Ginie Moss at Shire Hall

Two Bourton on the Water residents, Ginie and Patrick Moss, gathered 1100 names on a petition that called for the installation of a 24/7 crossing facility on Station Road in the village.

Ginie Moss, a teacher at the Cotswold School, delivered the petition to Gloucestershire County Council in May this year with Cllr Paul Hodgkinson.

Now, Gloucestershire County Council have told residents that they are currently working on some advance design work for a signalised crossing on Station Road as  it has ‘scored well in assessment for funding.’

The installation of the crossing cannot be confirmed until funding has been approved for the next financial year.  However, this is fantastic progress and the application for this much-needed crossing would not have got this far without the tenacity of Mr and Mrs Moss and without all those who signed the petition.

Paul thanked Ginie and Patrick for their hard work on the issue, “A huge congratulations should go to them for their persistence in pushing the Council to act.  I will continue to support this in whichever way I can – after all, this is about road safety for school children, elderly residents and parents.”

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