Cotswold TV features Air Balloon proposals

The controversial proposal by the Highways Agency to launch an ‘experimental layout’ later this year is now the subject of a new video.

Cotswold TV interviewed Cllr Paul Hodgkinson and County Council candidate Nigel Robbins recently about the plans.

You can see the video at this link:

Air Balloon roundabout proposals

The video gives full details of the proposals and gives residents’ views.

More news to follow on this topic.





3 thoughts on “Cotswold TV features Air Balloon proposals

  1. John Moriarty says:

    It would be nice if this video could be put onto a website that actually works. Can it be posted on YouTube? It freezes after 10 seconds or so and refuses to play.

  2. John Croft says:

    Mr Moriarty,

    The website does “actually work” . Have a little respect for an organisation who are self funded in delivering a community message. I suggest you get a computer that works or a better broadband provider.

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