20 is plenty for Andoversford

The campaign to cut excess speeds along the A436 and through our villages is gathering pace.

Cllr Paul Hodgkinson with Andoversford resident and mum Emma Bowen

Cllr Paul Hodgkinson with Andoversford resident and mum Emma Bowen

‘No Crash’ (North Cotswolds Rural area Against Speeding Harm) was set up last summer and consists of residents and councillors from all along the A436. Their goal is to make our roads safer, particularly near to homes and villages.

Now, after lobbying police and Highways, some real improvements are happening.

Cllr Paul Hodgkinson is chairing the group, “We’ve called for changes to the roads so people can feel safer. Already, Glos Highways have put up 20 is Plenty signs in Andoversford near to the school. This is to alert drivers to the fact that parents and children are walking in that area and that there are alot of homes next to the road through the village leading to the A40.”

Andoversford resident and parish councillor Emma Bowen is a parent and is backing the No Crash campaign. She was as disturbed as the rest of the group to see the results of a road survey last November which saw a staggering 92,000 vehicles breaking the speed limit at various points along the A436.

In total, 282,000 vehicles were recorded in the survey. Paul said, “We always knew that speeding was a real problem and not just perception. One vehicle was recorded at 136mph. The police have carried out a series of high profile speed checks and this will be ongoing along different parts of the A436 and through our villages.”

One thought on “20 is plenty for Andoversford

  1. An excellent campaign and I have been impressed by the impact your signs have when driving through the village. Could you give some tips for how/who to lobby to get 20 is plenty signs installed. We would like to do the same in Bledington, also in CDC North Cotswolds.

    Many thanks


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