Housing plans up for consultation

Cotswold District Council has launched its consultation on the proposed local plan for the area. It is vital that you use this opportunity to have your say.


The consultation launched on the 3rd June and residents in the Cotswolds have up until the 19th of July to make their voice heard about potential housing developments in our towns and villages.

Over recent months planning has become a contentious issue up and down the Cotswolds and local Liberal Democrats want to make sure that all residents feel they have been involved in the consultation process.

Cllr Paul Hodgkinson, Leader of the Lib Dem group on CDC said:

“We all need to seize this opportunity. The power to change and shape the local plan lies with each and every one of us so it’s important that we get all of our friends and neighbours involved in the consultation process.”


One thought on “Housing plans up for consultation

  1. Iain Hamilton says:

    Hi, the sad fact is the we need affordable housing certainly around Cirencester. My son and his wife’s first was the bottom half of a house in Melmore Gardens. Which is a location I wouldn’t wish on anyone. Due to new house building initiatives they moved from there to a newly built flat at Corinium Via then on the birth of their second child to a new build house with garden on the Kingshill Estate. Of course any planning and building has to be done with sensitivity.But the breaking eggs scenario comes to mind. Left wondering if the resistance to housing development is driven by any consequential negative impact on current/future house values.

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