When are we getting faster broadband?

Questions are being asked this week over when rural parts of the Cotswolds will be hooked up to faster broadband.


Gloucestershire County Council has pledged to connect all parts of the county to higher internet speeds by 2015, but many people have still to hear when their area will get the new service.

Cllr Paul Hodgkinson is concerned that there has been a lack of information for residents, “As I’ve had no full answer back regarding the criteria for the broadband roll out, I’m asking a question in public about it at this week’s County Council meeting. Although some towns have been given a date, many villages haven’t.”

“It’s certainly a hot topic in the Cotswolds at the moment – the lack of fast broadband and the uncertainty over when rural areas in particular will access it. This is also a key issue for some urban areas across Gloucestershire too. People want to know the criteria for the roll out and I have found it hard to get that so am asking a question publicly.

“Given that the economy is taking off again, this is set to be a vital service for sustaining the recovery.”

Here’s the question:

To Mark Hawthorne (GCC Council Leader) : “Rural parts of Gloucestershire suffer from slow broadband connections and often poor mobile phone coverage. Whilst the promised roll out of faster broadband is to be welcomed to build a stronger economy, people in the villages of the Cotswolds and in the forgotten urban areas are still asking when they will benefit from this. What are the specific criteria for deciding which villages and urban areas get hooked up before others?”

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