Sick of no signal?

Fed up with no mobile signal in our villages? So is Cllr Paul Hodgkinson, Lib Dem Parliamentary Candidate for the Cotswolds.

Cllr Paul Hodgkinson is backing the 'Sick of no signal' campaign

Cllr Paul Hodgkinson is backing the ‘Sick of no signal’ campaign

Now, on the back of his questions at Gloucestershire County Council about faster broadband, he has submitted a question to next week’s Council meeting about the lack of phone coverage in rural areas.

Many parts of the Cotswolds have a poor or non-existent mobile signal – even the centre of towns like Cirencester have issues with coverage.

Paul Hodgkinson feels something needs to be done to address this issue:

“I have asked the Leader about the lack of specific information about the faster broadband roll out in the county. This continues to be an issue. Also of importance in strengthening the economy and preventing isolation is the lack of mobile phone coverage in rural areas. In many parts of the Cotswolds people would be happy to have 1G let alone 3G!

“Now I’m asking the Council Leader what his administration is doing to widen mobile phone coverage across the whole county.’

“There are large swathes of rural Gloucestershire where there is no mobile coverage whatsoever. That’s why I’m backing the Countryside Alliance’s campaign ‘Sick of no signal’ to help the local economy and ensure people don’t feel isolated.

The question will be answered at the County Council meeting on 20 November.

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