Call to speed up broadband roll out

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At the recent County Council Environment Scrutiny Committee Cllr Paul Hodgkinson raised the subject of faster broadband again.

This was on the back of an update at the meeting from Shire Hall bosses about the faster broadband roll out in the Cotswolds.

Paul said: “The situation is that there is a current roll out by Fastershire across Gloucestershire which will hook up 90% of properties to faster broadband by the end of the year.

“I asked what will happen to the remaining 10% of properties. The story here is that a new contract for the remaining 10% is being put out to tender and this will be awarded by GCC next month. Three companies have applied for this.

“Once the contract has been awarded the new provider will start hooking up as many of the remaining 10% of properties as possible.

“This is a really key issue for residents and businesses in the Cotswolds. My own internet speed is painfully slow – I work from home some of the time and its a real barrier to that. I am lucky to get 1.5 mbps at fastest!

This week I am meeting with residents in Colesbourne, Coberley and Elkstone to work out how we can push for a commitment to a better service.

Now Paul has asked County bosses for a detailed map of where the final 10% roll out will go and will be communicating that to residents.

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