Review of A429 called for

Following last week’s two deaths along the A429 in the Cotswolds, Cllr Paul Hodgkinson (Bourton and Northleach) is calling for the County Council to urgently set up a task group to get to grips with issues along the road.


He has called today for the Council’s Environment Scrutiny Committee to look at the issue at its September meeting:

“The issue for us locally is that the Cotswolds continues to have the worst accident record in Gloucestershire. There were still 10 deaths in the district last year – that is 10 too many with the impact that has on families and friends of those who lost their lives. Now we have ben blighted by a further 2 on the Fosse Way. I get repeated concerns from residents about the state of the road and its dangers. It’s now time to act.

“Working with other councillors in the Cotswolds I am calling for the Council to set up a working group to come up with some recommendations to deal with safety and also to work out how to ease the increasing gridlock which Stow, Moreton and Bourton all now face regularly.

“This road wasn’t built for a massive increase in traffic – the whole thing needs looking at.”

Cllr Hodgkinson has submitted a ‘councillor call for action’ which requires the Council to now consider what action it should take.

You can hear Paul’s interview with Radio Gloucestershire about this issue here:

One thought on “Review of A429 called for

  1. Jeremy Rigg says:

    Here are a few rather obvious suggestions:

    1. Sort out the road surface

    2. Get rid of three lane sections where a blind bend is involved; probably amongst the most dangerous sections of road in the country

    3. Get the police to actually start patrolling the roads with some speed traps and vehicle inspections; the only time you see a police traffic officer is when they are clearing up the aftermath

    4. Install average speed cameras along routes such as the 429 and pursue a zero tolerance policy; amazing how that would sort out the lunatic speeds in very quick order

    5. Get highways to start erecting warning signs on road and verges more frequently and prominently; how about the words “dead slow” when you are near the bottom of the 429 past Farmington Quarry for instance

    6. Introduce more lower speed limit sections than 60 where slower speeds would be more sensible

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