Call for lower speed limit

Residents have called for greater road safety in the village of Perrotts Brook near Cirencester.

SR_8557_001     Cllr Paul Hodgkinson, Cllr Nigel Robbins and Theo Hare,centre right, with copies of the petition to reduce the speed limit on Welsh Way at Perrott's Brook with some of the local residents

A petition of 70 names, gathered by local businessman Theo Hare, lobbies Gloucestershire Highways to cut the speed limit amidst concerns over the ways vehicles drive through the village.

Now, County Councillors Paul Hodgkinson and Nigel Robbins have backed residents and will be presenting the petition to December’s Council meeting.

Cllr Hodgkinson says the current system of speed limits is bizarre: “You have a situation at the moment where drivers are legally limited to 50mph on the busy main road between Cheltenham and Cirencester but in the narrow lanes of the village they can drive faster!

“It’s no wonder that residents complain of near-misses and feel unsafe as they walk and cycle.

“What we need is for Highways to listen and do something about this strange anomaly. People’s safety has to take priority and it’s totally reasonable to ask drivers to slow down a bit as they go through the village.”


One thought on “Call for lower speed limit

  1. Miranda Chalk says:

    Hello there – I live in Daglingworth and often use the road across through Perrott’s Brook.
    I have noticed the increasing use of the road by vehicles, including very large vehicles that are too big for this fairly narrow lane. Speed is also a problem.
    I appreciate that vans and maybe some lorries need to visit the businesses in the business units, but is there anything that can be done to keep the size limited?
    A weight restriction? Size limit?
    I fear a speed limit will be ignored so do not hold up much hope of that having any effect.
    Also there has already been a proliferation of signage /’street furniture’. I really don’t think more signs will help.
    A reduction in the traffic now using the route as a cut through (to avoid Cirencester I assume?) would really help.
    Happy to sign a petition!
    Best wishes Miranda Chalk

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