Cotswolds gets national news coverage

Cllr Paul Hodgkinson has been giving a Cotswolds view on national TV from the Liberal Democrat Conference this week in Birmingham.

Appearing live on Sky News and BBC TV yesterday in two separate interviews, Paul spoke of the spectacular success in this year’s local council elections.
He featured on a panel on Andrew Neil’s Daily Politics show on BBC 2 where he gave his reaction to Nick Clegg’s conference speech.

Cllr Hodgkinson told BBC political journalist Jo Coburn that he was impressed by Nick Clegg’s conference address.
“What I liked about it was that Nick was unapologetic about making the tough decisions but was really trumpeting our Liberal values – things like not being beholden to vested interests.”
Jo Coburn: “Yes they liked that in the hall, didn’t they?”
Paul: “They really liked that and I think also the stuff about the green investment bank, taking people out of tax altogether at the bottom of the scale. These are really good Liberal Democrat policies and he needs to say more about this.”

Cllr Hodgkinson was also able to put the record straight when Jo Coburn mentioned the Lib Dem “drubbing” in the council elections.
He reminded her: “Our experience was completely different in the Cotswolds. In those areas that have been Conservative in the past they are very comfortable with the coalition and we bring a sense of abrade to some of these extreme views.”

Asked what he would like to see the Liberal Democrats achieve in government from now on, Cllr Hodgkinson said: “I think the whole thing about tax. We started this process of taking people out of tax at the bottom of the scale. We need to go right full ahead with that. By 2015 I want to see that everyone on the minimum wage pays no tax at all.”

You can see Paul’s Sky News interview here:

Safer cycle and walkers route up and running!

The safer cycle and walkers route between Stratton and North Cerney has been well used over the summer.

Cycling, riding and walking the route - l to r; Lois Eyre and 'Lakin', Cllr Andy Lichnowski, Cllr Paul Hodgkinson, Jane and Sam Wilkinson

The route, which follows the existing bridleway from Cirencester to the heart of North Cerney village, has been the focus of much activity over the last three years.

New ‘furniture’ along the route (styles and gates) along with scraping of the surface in places has resulted in a much more user-friendly route for all to use.

Cllr Paul Hodgkinson has led the group which has been working on the route, “It’s great to see that the route is also being used widely by horse riders and many residents locally have now been using it as a more pleasant way of getting from village to village by foot or bike.”